Bourdon takes mechanical pressure monitoring into the digital age

This innovative device fits to any comprehensive platform for machine and process monitoring as well as the preventive maintenance of equipment which is supported by a LoRa wireless protocol. Key applications include pressure measurement and monitoring for oil refineries, petrochemical industry and biodiesel plants. More predestined applications are in waste and water treatment, power generation and transmission, general process industry, building services and civil engineering.

The right choice when industry grade wireless pressure measurement and monitoring is required
It provides wireless pressure measurements in a reliable and flexible manner. Integrated LoRaWAN® communication allows for long-range, low-power wireless data communication with excellent interference immunity, even in demanding industrial conditions. Together with  commercially available gateways and cloud-based web portal you can get a complete remote monitoring system up and running in just minutes. Bourdon® configurable pressure gauges are simple to setup even for remplacement or temporary installations. Hence it is a very cost-efficient way to get more data for better preventive maintenance, problem diagnostics and process monitoring.

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The first IoT mechanical safety pressure gauge with wireless LoRa

The Bourdon WEP5 is a wireless LoRa® (Long Range Radio) safety pressure gauge designed for various industrial applications and capable of sending data over very long ranges. The WEP5 is a LoRaWAN Certified™ product. With application parameters configurable Over-The-Air (OTA), the pressure gauge continously measures process values. It’s a low-energy device with a battery life of several years, use of LoRa® technology does not incur any costs and does not require 3G / 4G / 5G networks either.

Bourdon is your solution partner when mechanical pressure monitoring connects to Industrial IoT.
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