Food and Beverage

In the food & beverage industry, stringent regulations pose demanding challenges to measuring instruments used. Whether a thermometer, a temperature or pressure switch, a pressure gauge or a diaphragm seal, Bourdon instruments are fully compliant to the most rigorous international standards (FDA, EHEDG, 3A, ATEX) and manufactured with hygienic design and materials to facilitate cleaning work under CIP and SIP processes.

A wide range of hygienic process connections (Clamp, Varivent®, DIN 11851, SMS 1147 etc.) offer coupling versatility in the process. Safety is one of our most important guidelines, we are mindful of the hygienic needs of the food and beverage industry and the different processes in place from storage, processing, filling to packaging and product handling.


Product overview

Bourdon complies with international norms and approvals

Our excellence in product quality has won us recognition with prestigious certification
from many different regulatory bodies.
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