Safe and accurate monitoring, measuring and regulating

The increasing challenges in water distribution and treatment demand new and innovative technology to ensure high standards of drinking water and compliance with environmental regulations for wastewater.

Water is also used in every production stage in the oil and gas industry and is essential for extraction and treatment. It is also used in large quantities for refining and the production of petrochemicals for cooling water, ballast water and steam generation. Waste and contaminated water must be treated before release to meet international standards for its discharge and to safeguard the environment. With its complete range of pressure and temperature gauges, Bourdon is one of the leaders when it comes to optimum efficiency and performance in water treatment facilities.

Our measuring instruments offer strength, durability, safety and precise results in one of the most demanding sectors of the industry. Reliable measurement in wells and pressure control in pipes, pumps and filters are possible even in water polluted by solid or chemical agents.

I. Water & Wastewater

Rugged, durable measuring instruments – for safe process control

In the complex separation and purification processes of water recovery, abrasive media and adhering solids make it more difficult for instruments to operate safely and without problems. A consistently reliable process control and operational safety has to be guaranteed just as well as compliance with increasingly demanding environmental requirements. Bourdon measuring instruments are designed to function safely and reliably even in contact with chemically contaminated water or areas at risk of explosions.

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II. Clear Water

Clean solutions in clear water. Highly accurate and long-term stable measuring instruments – clear advantages for your drinking water

Best quality, safe supply and fair distribution: The technology in use has to do its part to ensure the high standards of our drinking water. Measuring instrument solutions for drinking water storage and distribution have to show a high degree of precision, reliability and safety. The versatile solutions by Bourdon are suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks.

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III. Saltwater

Corrosion-resistant measuring instruments can withstand difficult environmental conditions

The increasing demand for water in regions with low amounts of fresh water, along with the high processing cost of salt water treatment, require technology that is always setting itself new challenges. Aggressive environmental conditions require robust and corrosion resistant solutions. Bourdon process instruments are suitable for the fresh water production and distribution, available with special metal alloys to guarantee an increased robustness in aggressive environmental conditions.

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Always the right solution

A wide product range of mechanical solutions guarantees the right measuring technology for your application. Weather a water lift up station, a pump discharge monitoring, a ventilation system, a biological sludge treatment and drying, a distillation pump suction, a chlorination process, reverse osmosis or much more we have the right solution for you.

Bourdon complies with international norms and approvals

Our excellence in product quality has won us recognition with prestigious certification
from many different regulatory bodies.
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