Bourdon Instruments and hydrogen energy transition

Considering global climate changes, the world has now initiated a transition to a more sustainable energy supply. And, as this transition is very complex and will involve many different types of energy, it is now clear, that hydrogen will play a major role in this emerging energy mix. We, at Bourdon are offering pressure measurement solutions adapted to all kinds of hydrogen applications, from production, to transport, storage and use.
Green hydrogen for Net Zero Emission

The Net Zero Emission 2050 scenario is the common goal currently worldwide, and if we are able to produce green electricity (such as, through windmills, solar panels and dams) we need a clean and versatile carrier to use it in various applications.

Hydrogen provides many advantages, as electricity can be converted to hydrogen by electrolysis which can be pressurized, transported, stored and converted back to electricity via a fuel cell.

But hydrogen has much more potential and can be used in ammonia and e-fuels synthesis to decarbonize those productions and their applications, as well as in the steel industry and many more.

With important public and private support and investment, backed up with international policies, the hydrogen market is growing really fast, and all the applications created will require pressure monitoring.

Hydrogen pressure measurement challenges

Bourdon solutions

With over 20 years of experience with Hydrogen in the oil and gas market, we have great knowledge and a multitude of technical solutions to offer. The first is the use of 316 L stainless steel, which resists permeation and embrittlement thanks to a thin molecular structure. This solution is recommended for standard pressure gauges due to the thickness of the tube and block. Where there are thin surfaces or walls, like diaphragm seal membranes, a gold coating may be necessary. The structure of gold is extremely dense and will protect the membrane and measuring instrument.
Hydrogen Options
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