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The wide variety of Bourdon - Baumer Group thermometers offer solutions for sanitary applications and aggressive industrial processes. A variety of connections, sleeve diameters, bulb lengths allow the instrument to be installed locally and in the most remote locations. Bimetallic and gas expansion thermometers cover ranges from -200 to 800 ° C with a variety of accuracies and compatible with a huge range of thermowells including all design types and materials.

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Bimetal thermometers

  • Local temperature reading
  • All stainless steel & brass
  • Dial size: 40 mm to 160 mm
  • Range: from -70°C to 600°C
  • HVAC and process industry
  • Fast delivery from stock
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Gas filled thermometers

  • Local and remote reading
  • All stainless steel
  • Dial size: 63 mm to 250 mm
  • Range: from -200°C to 800°C
  • Capillary up to 30 m
  • With or w/o contacts
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Temperature gauges are a good choice for local temperature reading close to the process. They are reliable, need no external power supply and allow constant process monitoring.

Bourdon mechanical temperature measurement solutions include bi-metal thermometers with various connections, stem diameters and lengths for local reading and particularly versatile gas filled thermometers for local and remote reading when combined with capillaries of up to 30 m in length.

Bourdon dial thermometers guarantee accurate reading for temperature as low as -200°C and up to 800°C. Thermometers with bimetal technology are available with a vertical, horizontal or every angle stem and a maximum length of 1000 mm.

Our high quality dial thermometers - class 1 according to EN 13190 - are designed and manufactured with your application in mind. Whether HVAC, Oil and Gas, food and beverage, water treatment, nuclear power stations, chemical and petrochemical plants, at Bourdon we have the right solution for you.

100 years of success. The former Haenni Instruments AG - founded in 1919 - belongs to the Baumer Group since 2005 and has been developed into a modern production facility.

Your benefits

Short delivery time for standard solutions and several preferential variants.

Bourdon - Baumer group temperature gauges find use in many application, including corrosive, high and low temperature, hygienic applications.

Custom made in Switzerland to match your application requirements. Select among a complete range of:

  • Dial sizes: 40, 63, 80, 100, 130, 160 and 250 mm
  • Stem diameters: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 mm
  • Wetted parts copper alloy or stainless steel
  • Direct or remote reading with capillary
  • Measuring ranges from 0…40°C to 0…800°C
  • Low temperature ranges down to -200…50°C
  • Scales in °C or °F or dual scales °C/°F
  • Industry standards EN13190 and ASME B40.200
  • Approvals: ATEX
  • Damping fluids: glycerin, silicone
  • Thermometers with mechanical or inductive contacts
  • Customer specific thermometers for many applications

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Bourdon dial thermometers are using 2 operating principles: bimetal and gas expansion.

The measuring element of bimetal thermometer is a helically bent "bimetal" strip having metals with different coefficients of expansion. Temperature changes result in a proportional bending of the bimetal strip. One end side of the bimetal is fixed to the thermometer stem, the pointer is mounted to the other end side to transfer the circular rotating movement to the dial.

Bimetal thermometers can be used for most standard applications.

Gas filled thermometers use the gas expansion principle. The measuring system is filled with a neutral gas, which is expanding under the influence of temperature changes on the sensitive part of the stem. This pressure increase leads to a deflection of the end of a Bourdon tube, which is converted by a movement into a rotation of the pointer.

Gas filled thermometers are used for especially high or low temperature, remote mounting with capillary, applications with contacts or installations with vibrations.

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