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The Bourdon differential pressure switch portfolio offers different types of technology for each application, diaphragm, bellows and piston. Equipped with 1 or 2 switches and the option to select an adjustable deadband, explosion proof boxes and ATEX certification. Static pressure permissible up to 220 bar.

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Differential pressure switch

  • Standard version and with ATEX / IECEX approval
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion proof version
  • Adjustable setpoint and deadband
  • Measuring ranges from -2.5...2.5 mbar to 2.5...30 bar
  • Static pressure: up to 220 bar
  • Intrinsic safety & explosion proof
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Mechanical differential pressure switches have been developed to switch an electrical contact, when the difference between 2 pressure values in a process exceeds defined limits. The pressure difference can be too high or too low. Differential pressure switches have no precise local indication, no analog output signal and need no electrical power supply. These simple devices are purely optimized to guarantee an excellent repeatability and reliability of the switching behavior.

Differential pressure switches without power supply are used in safety critical applications. Bourdon is a well-known supplier for the equipment of power plants and offers a wide range of products especially for nuclear power stations.

But also many other applications like monitoring of filters, level in closed tanks, compressors profit from these safe and simple solution.

Differential pressure switches are available in EEx ia and EEx d versions for hazardous areas. Assembled with diaphragm seals differential pressure switches can be used also in applications with critical process fluids or for hygienic installations in food or pharma production.

Your benefits

The Bourdon range of differential pressure switches offers reliability and proven resistance to harsh environments and processes.

Bourdon pressure switches can be custom made to match your application requirements.

Select among a complete range of:

  • Pressure ranges from -2,5 … 2,5 mbar to 2,5…30 bar
  • Static pressure max. 220 bar
  • Setpoint factory adjusted or set by the customer
  • Deadband fixed or adjustable
  • Different types of microswitches depending on the application
  • Excellent repeatability of 1 %
  • Intrinsically safe version EEx ia for zone 0, 1, 2
  • Explosion proof version EEx d for zone 1, 2, 21, 22
  • Approvals for nuclear power stations

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Mechanical Bourdon differential pressure switches are designed for alarm setting, if limits of pressure differences are exceeded.

Depending on the pressure range the sensing element is a membrane, a piston or a bellow. The sensing element is pressurized from 2 sides and works against the adjustable force of an internal spring.

The deflection of the sensing element operates a mechanical microswitch. The value of the setpoint is defined by the adjustment of the spring and can be adjusted in the factory or by the customer. For several microswitch types, the deadband is also adjustable. This allows separate definition of setpoint and reset point.

Bourdon differential pressure switches provide an excellent repeatability in a compact design. The working principle is fully mechanical and requires no electrical power supply. Wiring has to be done only to read the microswitches.

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