Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical processes demand the highest quality standards on safety, design and reliability. Bourdon measuring instruments for pharmaceutical applications, specifically designed in cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies, eliminate the risk of process fluid contamination.
A large selection of diaphragm pressure gauges providing no risk of contamination are the solution of choice for several critical applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
Bourdon mechanical process instruments offer strength, durability, safety and precise measurements in one of the most demanding sectors of the industry. Due to hygienic design and in combination with a comprehensive choice of process connections and diaphragm seals, we are able to assure compatibility to any process and system.


Bourdon uses its fully internally developed Bourdon Business System (B-TraceTM) in all its production plants. Therefore it´s ensured that steady quality assurance and process optimization in production and management is in place. B-TraceTM traceability and lean process management is applied using state-of-the-art methods. 
Bourdon - Your partner for leading mechanical measurement instruments in demanding industrial applications

Product overview

Bourdon complies with international norms and approvals

Our excellence in product quality has won us recognition with prestigious certification
from many different regulatory bodies.
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